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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ups and Downs

Me with JH at the 4th of July Freedom Run
So, I've gained a little. I'm up about 3 pounds since my last blog weigh-in. That isn't too bad, considering I haven't posted in about three months. I'm continuing to do bootcamp three times a week, and am still loving it. The Paleo Diet has continued to work for me, when I stick to it. I'm back on it, with only 16 days until my brother's wedding. On the fourth of July, I completed my first 5K. My goals were to finish it in under an hour, and to not be last. I fulfilled both those goals. I jogged the entire time, with no stops or walking. I felt pretty good about that. Only a couple more weeks until I'll reveal pictures of me in the bridesmaid dress!