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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Movement Goals

So, my friend sent me an invitation on Facebook to join the 100 Days Challenge. The premise is to exercise for 30 minutes per day for 100 days. I suppose that the 'event' being on Facebook is just the incentive that some people need - me included. I was skeptical to accept the invitation, because accountability is a scary thing sometimes. But, I figured if I'm putting myself out there enough to do this blog, I could certainly accept an exercise challenge on Facebook.

My husband and his brother fixed the horrendous squeak in my elliptical machine a few weeks ago, so it's time to get on and conquer that beast once again. I also have one exercise DVD, and several Wii no excuses! You can see my list of resources along the sides of my blog page. I also plan to start walking Old Military Road. This is a steep, country loop.
Stay tuned for updates...


  1. Hi Megan!
    So glad you're blogging. I'm totally feeling your New Year's Resolution. I need to get back in shape too. But, is it bad that I'm spending the last few days of 2010 stuffing as many sweets and fats into my body as possible? :)

  2. You're not alone Aubrey! The house is full of leftovers from Christmas...